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Ohio Valley Educational Foundation

OVEF is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization that invests in our region’s youngest learners. We believe that thriving young learners are tomorrow’s difference makers.  Our service area in North Central Kentucky ranges from Louisville to Frankfort and spans from Taylorsville Lake to the Ohio River. Contributions to OVEF help more children attend early childhood programs, more students overcome learning challenges, and more students prepare for great jobs.

Head Start / Early Head Start

Head Start programs offer an ideal laboratory for the study of effective child development and learning. The Department of Health and Human Services funds extensive research every year that reinvigorates practices, ensuring that programs meet children's needs by creating a deep understanding of how they learn and what supports healthy development. Children enter Head Start with serious socioeconomic disadvantages that can hold them back for life.


Head Start supports families facing difficult circumstances and seeks to mitigate obstacles to learning in the early years. By working together in collaboration with parents and healthcare providers, OVEC Head Start’s goal is to identify and address possible health concerns that may impact a child’s educational outcomes.  See our Health Services Brochure for more information about our services.

iLEAD Academy

iLEAD Academy is Kentucky's first regional Career Academy for high school students.  iLEAD serves students from Carroll, Gallatin, Henry, Owen, and Trimble County Schools. Students learn in ways that exceed expectations! Whether it's learning to program a robot or code the next big video game, iLEAD Academy has a passion for student success and a commitment to knocking down barriers in the way of achieving their dreams.


iLEAD Academy guides students on their path of career exploration. Students work on top career certifications, work-based learning programs, and courses to complete an associate degree such as, Engineering, Computer Science, and Bio-Medicine.


Teens with disabilities face many barriers in transitioning to adult life. Our Exceptional Children Services department provides Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) for these teens. During the school year, we introduce these students to local employers and teach them skills to succeed in life after graduation.   Our program teaches

  • Self-advocacy

  • Life-readiness skills

  • Career awareness and job readiness skills

  • Communication and listening skills

  • Building a personal "brand” reputation

Activities have included in-school workshops and online sessions. Summer camps are provided if funding is available. Since 2021, these activities reached more than 500 students!

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