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OVEC Grants



OVEC pursues diversified funding opportunities to advance our mission.  Our experience includes federal, state, foundation, and corporate grants. We have a thirty-year history of success in development.  

Jason Adkins, OVEC’s CEO, leads OVEC’s grant-seeking efforts and provides grant-related support services to districts.  


OVEC is unable to write grants for individual districts and schools.  We offer the following grant-related services:

  • Funding Finder—a quarterly newsletter of grant opportunities for districts, schools, and teachers.  ***Readers are advised to review their district and school policies for grant submissions.  Your district and school may require approval or authorization before submitting grants.  

  • Workshops—we offer workshops on grant writing fundamentals and on specific grant opportunities (e.g., KDE grants, Fund for Teachers).  Interested in a workshop? Sign up to receive updates on workshops.  

  • Review—as time permits, OVEC is able to review grant applications and provide feedback.  The review process may take several days.  Please contact Jason Adkins as soon as possible when requesting review services.    

Grant Resources

Here are several websites schools may visit to find funding opportunities:

American Library Association - awards, grants, & scholarships related to libraries and books.

GetEdFunding – check out the “Grant Alerts” section.

Grants Alert – initially don’t make a selection under “Find Grants”; review all grants.

Grants for Teachers – narrow down your search on the left side.

KDE Competitive Grants – current and recent past funding opportunities.

KDE External Grant Opportunities – be aware there may be broken links.

Kentucky Arts Council – look around the site for funding opportunities.

National Education Association Foundation – must be NEA member to apply.

National Endowment for the Humanities – match your project to a grant program.

Philanthropy News Digest – scroll through the RFPs for topics of interest.


Grant Reference Sites

Foundation Center – limited access without paying. Some public libraries have full access without a subscription.

Foundation Center Stats – free access to foundation and grant statistics.

GrantSpace – interesting news and blog features.

KDE Competitive Grant Awards – recent state grant awards.

Philanthropy News Digest – interesting news about charitable topics.

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