Last Updated: 8/1/2018 7:32 PM

What is OVEC?

The Ohio Valley Educational Cooperative (OVEC) is a consortium of 15 school districts serving over 155,000 students in north central Kentucky. Established in 1976, the cooperative provides a vehicle for conducting regional planning, development, and implementation of educational programs on a continuing basis. OVEC offers programs that serve member school districts, their student populations and families.  To find out more about OVEC, click here.

How is OVEC funded & managed?

OVEC operates through the membership fees of participating districts and through federal, state, local, and foundation funding, with an annual budget of $15.5 million. Excluding staff hired through arrangement with other agencies, OVEC employs approximately 175 people, most of whom are field based. The 15 superintendents of member districts serve on the Board of Directors, the policymaking body of the cooperative. The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for overseeing all programs and services.

Whom does OVEC serve?

OVEC programs serve students from preschool through grade twelve. OVEC works in partnership with and for the benefit of, its member districts, their schools, and the children, families and communities they serve. 

What partnerships does OVEC maintain?

OVEC collaborates with the Kentucky Department of Education, the Collaborative for Teaching and Learning, other educational cooperatives, and a wide variety of other organizations and agencies to promote understanding and to provide mutual benefit. OVEC also has a strong partnership with the University of Louisville, including involvement with the P-16 Council. OVEC is a member of the American Association of Educational Service Agencies and the Kentucky Association of Educational Cooperatives.